Get health certificates for you pet's travel

For travelling pet parents, veterinarians and relocation professionals.
Receive pawfect paperwork for Europe and Great Britain and take away the guesswork.
Built by IPATA relocation agents.

Per certificate. No subscriptions, no hidden extras.


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What will I get when I use

Not only will you get a pre-populated EU or GB Health Certificate based on your pet's details, country of origin and destination, you will also get a checklist of things you need based on your destination.

Your certificates are verified by an agent who is a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Travel Association)

What if I'm travelling to somewhere other than the United Kingdom or Europe?

Whilst we have built this platform specifically with GB and EU Health Certificates in mind, we are pet travel experts so might be able to help with paperwork for other locations. Get in touch and we can chat!

What about leaving the UK with pets?

When leaving the UK, pet health certificates are applied for and issued by DEFRA. We can complete the application on your behalf and have it sent to your vet of choice.

What vaccinations and test does my pet need for travel?

This depends on where you are travelling from and to. Some countries are considered as high risk for rabies and therefore you will need a rabies titre test. For other low risk countries an up-to-date rabies vaccine will suffice. But what is considered an up-to-date vaccine? That's why we will check the documents you have against the route you are planning to take and complete the paperwork for you.

I'm getting overwhelmed with the process, can you help with the whole relocation?

While we only look at the paperwork for the relocation process, we work closely with some amazing companies who can look after the wider logisitcs. All are IPATA members so you can rest assured that you will be looked after with the very highest of standards.

Pet health certificates for travel

We make Pet Travel easier and more affordable.

By generating EU Health Certificates and GB Health Certificates, you can travel safe in the knowledge that your paperwork is correct as of the latest editions and was verified by an IPATA pet relocation agent.

Take the guesswork out of the process and use paperwork from pet travel experts.

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  • EU and GB Health Certificate Generator. From both high and low risk countries download pre-populated certificates ready for sign off.

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